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S2E14 - Forging Ahead

December 3, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 14 of the All Things Geekery Podcast: Forging Ahead

  • In this episode, the geeks will be talking about Rockstar’s latest hit Red Dead Redemption 2 and how it could be one of the best games of the modern age. We will also discuss the post Apocalyptic disappointment that is Fallout76.  We will wrap things up by talking about Destiny 2 and the latest addition to the game which will be Black Armory and why it has the community excited

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  • This Weeks Featured Community Member: 

    • Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut

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Show Notes

    • Red Dead Redemption 2

      • Rockstar knocks it out of the park again with a game that is deep in story and also immerses you in the wild west of America in 1899
      • The verdict is out on this game and the fans are calling it one of the greatest games of the modern age.
      • You can expect a very lengthy story of around 60 hours of gameplay with some of the best storytelling Rockstar has ever done
      • Rockstar went all out on the level of detail this game brings the players as it is leaps and bounds above anything else they have done
      • The world is extremely large and will make any open world MMO’er feel right at home for questing, exploring, and make completionist wonder if they should quit as there is that much to do in the game
    • Red Dead Online
      • GTA 5 but in the wild west - and that’s not a bad thing -
      • A lot of the missions are an extension of what we would have done in the story but if you happen to be caring something of value - other players can kill you can take it for themselves.
      • There will be microtransactions but currently, the only thing that would apply would be gold bars which are used for cosmetics only
      • Different multiplayer mode that mimics modes we saw in GTA 5
      • And of course, no modern multiplier is complete without a battle royal mode
    • Fallout 76
      • Now when you do have a full team of people all running quests together and fighting off the wasteland it is fun and you do not notice some of the negatives.
      • With that said Fallout 76 is a shell of a game of what was promised to us - Bethesda has said fixes and content are on the way but right now we have another No Man’s Sky on our hands
      • It was supposed to be an answer to all the prayers for the fallout fan base which was Fallout game we have known to love but multiplayer It was not
      • Sure it had that Fallout feel of a game but it had and still has a lot of downsides
      • No non-robot NPC
      • Because of no NPC, the story is locked away in audio logs and notes found throughout the world
      • No decision dialogue
      • Limited building storage
      • A LOT of bugs
      • No Mods Support
    • Destiny 2 - Season 5 (Season of the Forge / Black Armory)
      • Black Armory will be releasing on December 4th - Must own the Annual Pass
      • Story-wise we are being tasked with a new mission to go rediscover 4 weapon forges lost during the golden age
      • The Hype is real - and yes we know we have been stuck in this before but the success of Forsaken has us encouraged
      • New higher light level - Increase of 50 Power Levels
      • New powerful and unique exotics
      • New areas that we have never been able to access or explore before
      • Soft cap will still remain at 500
      • Players under 550 should see an increase in Prime Engram drops, and receive higher power bumps to help them reach end game content a bit easier
      • Powerful reward sources will remain consistent for anyone who owns D2 Forsaken
      • New powerful gear rewards introduced for anyone who owns the Annual Pass
      • New “RAID” called the Scourge of the Past “Bit of a Spoiler”
        • Scourge of the Past tells it’s own story and is not related to the Dreaming City storyline
        • Not as large as a full Raid, but much larger than any Raid Lair ever created
        • Comparable to mechanics from Rise of the Machine
        • Scourge of the Past will release December 7th @  9am with a recommended power level of 640 but no minimum power level to play
        • Must have the annual pass to enter the Raid
      • New Power Level of 650
      • No annual pass required to reach this power level
      • Veteran of the Hunt Bundle
        • Bungie is releasing a new bundle which includes shaders, emblems, emotes, and consumables
        • To get this bundle you had to have played Destiny 2 forsaken before October 16th
        • This bundle was going to drop with Black Armory but is now going to drop with a later update coming December 18th
      • The Fate of Xur in Season 5
        • Bungie did mention on Twitter that Xur will continue to offer his fated engrams through Season of the Forge - Those engrams will only drop Year 1 gear
        • Bungie did say they do have plans to address this vendor and bring Xur bounties at a later date

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