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S2E15 - The Endgame

December 17, 2018

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 15 of the All Things Geekery Podcast: The Endgame

In this episode, we’re talking about the new trailer for Avengers 4 and all the HYPE along with it!  We’re also sharing our thoughts on Destiny 2’s latest DLC; Black Armory and the new Dawning event that just hit!  

Show Notes

  • Avengers 4 - Endgame

    • It was a great trailer that showed nothing
    • Why is Tony Stuck without Nebula
    • Could we see a possible introduction of Captain Marvel in this film, by her finding Tony Stark floating in space ie: She rescues Iron Man
    • Thanos is still enjoying his peace on the farm
    • Cap is back to his Winter Soldier look but all black - everyone is in mourning
    • We get a small glimpse of Hawkeye, but he isn’t wielding his famous bow this time, instead, he has a sword
    • Ant-man makes it out of the Quantum zone
    • Could we see the Quantum Zone introduce alternate timelines to the story
    • This trailer honestly brings up more questions than answers and the film doesn’t release until April 2019


  • Black Armory Thoughts / Controversy


    • First content addition(critical call out) that did not include story mission and instead added new “Escalation protocol” type events called forges
    • Right off the bat, we could tell this was endgame content
    • It was odd not to have something like that was a bridge between those that were still leveling up to 600.  The starting forge was recommended to be 620-630. So this left a lot of people behind in the experiencing the Black Armoy content.
    • With that said how does that compare to a game like World of Warcraft the when new content releases it  - most times only the top level get to immediately play it with other still having to work through the other content
    • Now Destiny is a different game so bridging could have been made
    • The is where most of the controversy was and how some of the player bases reacted
    • The Raid -  Different, New Mechanics, a Good change to the raids we have seen before with sparrows now an addition and needed skill in the raid along with tanks.
      • In prep for the raid most had already hit max level as the raid dropped - with that said all the mechanics were in place to make it for a raid fun
      • There have been idea floated around that level cap should be locked until raid drops and then grind happens - but there is always worry about people “rigging” the system with having loot pre-staged to pop to gain the level advantage


  • The Dawning Returns


    • Eva Levante returns after a very long hiatus from the game
    • The dawning event brings a new feature never seen before in Destiny, or at least never in this style.  We now have the ability to cook items for specific quests and rewards through Eva Levante’s crafting oven
    • We’ve got more triumphs to go after, new loots, new winter-themed gear which has been fairly engaging to grind for
    • There are 16 cooking recipes you have to learn to earn triumphs, and also a hidden recipe/triumph for master Rahoul where you have to combine the wrong ingredients
    • There is also an exotic quest tied to a new Dawning themed sparrow - Good call back to the age of triumph armor and all the unlocks we had to do for it to reach its full potential - Why do they not do more of this?

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