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S3E3 - All About Anthem

February 11, 2019

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 3 of the All Things Geekery Podcast – All About Anthem

In this episode,  We talk about the recent “DEMO” for Anthem, What problems we encountered, Our 1st Impressions, What we thought about the gameplay and we discuss what we think the future of the game will be.

Show Notes

 Our Snapshot Opinion of the Game

    • Anthem feels like Mass Effect made a child with Division and they were raised by Iron Man in the world of Monster Hunter
    • This game is not Destiny, it is not The Division, it is not Warframe.  The one thing we can comment on is the quality of the game.
  • Publisher Concerns

    • EA - Need we say more
    • VIP weekend DEMO didn’t have a good start
    • Will they learn, and correct the issues presented during the demos - It seems like they did with the Open DEMO as server problems were much less but we did experience issues the first day
    • There will be microtransaction but only for cosmetics and all cosmetics in the game can be bought with a certain in-game currency - 0 items in the market currently affect your gameplay
  • Technical Issues

    • Not a technical issue but the naming could have been changed from DEMO to BETA and a lot of the PR would have been addressed - Community would have been more forgiving
    • Server problems
    • Connection Issues - for the VIP demo only
    • Lag - Mostly in VIP demo
    • Audio problems
  • Overall Feel

    • Combat

      • Good mix of strategy and learning needed
      • Teamwork oriented
      • Solo queue play is very challenging as you really need to be able to communicate with your team
      • Some mid-level tier enemies were extremely tanky.  EA will need to look at balancing the enemies vs. player shield levels
    • Loot
      • One massive key to a shooter-looter is the LOOT and it’s got to be good
      • The loot in this game was exciting and fun to get your hands on
    • Weapons
      • Good mix of weapons to use
      • Depending on what types of weapons you prefer there could be a bit of learning curve with the weapons
      • Situational
      • Each class should have a special weapon they can use, which I think would give just a bit more edge and hone in each class for specific fighting styles.  Would allow players to have a bit more customization with how they choose weapons for each of the slots
      • A lot of the weapons had the same look, sound and feel which made it hard to figure out what to use
    • Skills
      • Learning curve
      • Some skills felt very underwhelming in specific fights
      • Situational
      • Skills are somewhat customizable
    • Movement
      • Really felt like a console game that was ported to PC with how the controls were laid out
      • Flight and Underwater Movement was a massive learning curve
      • Overall movement was top notch and felt very smooth for the most part
    • Environments
      • Beautifully made worlds
      • Challenging to navigate first time in as most new worlds are
      • Exploration and hidden items 
  • Playing The Javelin

    • Each Javelin is unique - Each has a unique feel
    • Our Opinion of each Javelin
      • STORM
      • RANGER
      • COLOSSUS
  • The Future of Anthem

    • We now have a road map which shows a plan with new strongholds, loot, quality of life changes, & GUILDS!
    • The core Bioware team is making this game
    • The End game has Legendary missions which are enhanced versions of the missions you get from quest givers. The drops from these missions will also be of a higher tier to match difficulty.
    • For the ultimate test in skill and squad cohesion, you can increase the difficulty of the mission to Grandmaster and above.   
    • It looks like we will have Diablo style loot in that there are rolls which will sync better depending on the play styles you are going for.  FARMING NEEDED!

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