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S3E5 - Gotta Collect Them All

March 17, 2019

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 5 of the All Things Geekery Podcast – Gotta Collect Them All

In this episode,  We will talk about the upcoming live-action take on pokemon and also the fastest hedgehog on earth Sonic. We also talk about some really good news about the upcoming Star Wars game and what it could mean for the success of that game.  Lastly, we’ll talk about the latest controversy regarding Anthem and how Bioware is handling the situation.

Show Notes 

  • Pokemon - Detective Pikachu 
    • First impressions “What have they done to my childhood??”
    • Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu….REALLY?!?
    • Directed by Ron Letterman - creator of Shark Tale, Monster vs Aliens, and the most recent Goosebumps
    • After watching it a couple of times the appeal is really starting to grow
    • The CGI of each character has actually kept close to what they look like as anime
    • With that said,.....some pokemon look horrifying as CGI
    • If this movie does well what does this means for the future of pokemon big screen movies
    • Releases May 10th 
  • Sonic 
    • Directed by new director Jeff Fowler
    • The first images of Sonic have not gone will with the fan base
    • Apparently, they are going for a more human-like appearance for Sonic
    • Question is why they could not do like Pokemon and the form of the character stays the same they just bring the character into the real world CGI.
    • We have yet to even see the adaptation of the man bad guy Doctor Eggman which according to casting will be played by Jim Carrey
    • As of right now, the hopes are not very high on the reception of this movie
    • Due to be released November 8th 
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 
    • Will take place in the Star Wars timeline between episode 3 and 4
    • Under the studio of Respawn Entertainment
    • They so far have executed their game very well and really mastered what each game was supposed to be with the latest success of their game APEX Legend a testament to that.
    • With that said the CEOs and this studio haven’t had any experience with an RPG game
    • One confirmed good thing about the game is that Chris Avellone (Writer for KOTOR 2 and Fallout New Vegas) has done work on the game - to what extent we do not know
    • He is also saying that we should be expecting a “bomb” in about a month
    • Maybe...just maybe we will get a Star Wars of a quality that every fan wanted 
  • Anthem 
    • It has not been a good couple PR weeks for Bioware
    • First, we have had the bugs - which to Bioware's defense they have been quick to fix
    • Some would argue they the bugs needed to not be there in the first place and a lot was found in the demo beta
    • Their advertisement as a Game Service has not gone well
    • Which means a lot of feature we want in the game are still on the way
    • Bioware/EA banning streaming for violation of the TOS in regards to some explorations that were found.
    • Although yes the terms in the TOS do cover the action in the ban - the handling of the Bans by BioWare have not been clear and only providing reasons for the ban a weeks after the ban took place
    • At the same time, there were reports that Anthem was bricking PS4 - this of course was a lot of misinformation spread by the Internet
    • The main cause was due to the amount of work they game put system through it was causing a previous problem already notated on original PS4 to occur much more often.
    • Regardless all this PR is not helping Anthem keep the support going - There is worry that EA will pull an Andromeda and stop work on the game as it is not doing as well as they wanted
    • With this bad PR for Anthem we shall see how Bioware plans to win back the masses

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