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S3E6: It Is About Time

March 31, 2019

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 6 of the All Things Geekery Podcast – It Is About Time

In this episode,  We’ll talk about Google’s recent announcement of their game streaming service Stadia and what we think it means for the future of gaming.  We also share our opinions on the recent completion of the Disney and Fox Entertainment buyout. X-men finally in the MCU...YAY! Finally, we’ll wrap things up talking about Microsoft's recent and the much-expected announcement that we are finally getting the Masterchief collection on PC!

Show Notes

  • Stadia
    • We talked previously about game streaming in a previous podcast
    • Some of the best ones so far - Nvidia Now - Playstation Now
    • Google tested the waters when they had people test their streaming with Google Chrome and from everyone reported it was really smooth.
    • With the announcement of Stadia, Google is in a prime position to be the game streaming king
    • Pros
      • They have the network to do it
      • The corporate presence to push ISPs to provide good internet to all
      • They have the micro-data centers close to users to provide low latency
    • What we don’t know
      • Price - This will be a huge indicator for the immediate success of the project - It would be smart to break out payment groups - one for ultra high-end gaming and the other for lower resolution streaming
      • Games - This is also another key item that needs to be well met - There needs to be a selection for all ages and type of gamer.  
      • Release date - Without a release date this announcement is nothing but a pipe dream.  With that said, time to advertise and promote the product will really success - They need to prompt this like the next big AAA game to hit the market.  If successful it will change the way we game
  • Disney and Fox merge

    • Every  MCU fans dream is coming true nerd's dream is coming true….and it only cost 71.1 Billion dollars to achieve
    • Before we nerd out on the future of Marvel movies - Disney is now the largest entertainment company with this merger. They own every movie ever produced or in the works by 20th Century Fox.
    • One sad note is this now means is that 20th Century Fox is no more.
    • Fox is now a news and Sports company
    • Nerd out time!
    • Since the beginning of the MCU fans knew we were always going to only a part of the Marvel universe in the MCU
    • Previous to this we have seen some amazing X-men movies and also some not so great movies -
    • With staple actors already taking up rolls for many of the X-men character (example James Mcavoy - Professor X and Michael Fassbender - Magneto) will they recast for when they finally introduce the Xmen into the MCU?
    • The one person that they can’t recast is Ryan Reynold as Deadpool - Ryan IS Deadpool - which this also means we may see our first R rated MCU movie when that does happen
    • The only question left is WHEN will we start to see the integration of these characters in the MCU
  • Master Chief Collection on PC!

    • It as if a million halo fans cried out in Joy!
    • And of course, it will only be available in the Microsoft store…….wait it’s going to be on Steam??!?!  Microsoft you are doing this right!
    • With the move to PC, we have been promised that all the games will play at 4K and 60FPS on capable  PCs
    • They are also including support for ultrawide monitors
    • The Games on PC will be released in chronological order and not all at once
    • The amount of support for this brand shows how much love people still have for it - When released redefined how FPS should be done.
    • It does make one wonder how long Microsoft can keep trying to make cash on the Halo franchise with old material before releasing something new
    • It will be interesting to track how long MCC on PC will be popular before everyone returns back to their games they are playing right now
    • Currently, the MCC is reported to be released in its entirety in 2019 which means we only have 9 months left to see them release.

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