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S3E8 - Avengers Endgame Review

May 7, 2019

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 8 of the All Things Geekery Podcast – Avengers Endgame Review

In this episode, we are starting off with a spoiler-free review of Endgame for all those that have still yet to see the movie.  Then we will dive into some of the biggest scenes throughout the movie and what we thought of each. Wrapping up the podcast we will talk about our thoughts on what the future of the MCU could be.

Show Notes

Spoiler Free Review

  • Go see the movie! - Ok done
  • It is hard pressed to say that there could have been a better resolution to the end of the Infinity Saga.
  • Although the total run time is 3 hours, every minute was enjoyable and filled action and or interesting story
  • The movie is one of the best fan service movie created and that is not a bad thing

Lets talks scenes - SPOILERS

Before the Time Gap

  • Majority of the community was correct in that Endgame started right up where Infinity War stopped
  • We finally see why Hawkeye goes so far off the deep end - his ENTIRE family was dusted - that would break any man
  • How did Captain Marvel know to pick up Tony and Nebula? Did she go to Earth first and then head out?
  • Really impressed with how frail they made Tony look - Was not expecting Tony to be as beaten mentally as he was when they rescued him
  • The infinity stones were still usable??.....Until Thanos snapped them away...
  • Wow - they kill Thanos off in the first 30 mins
  • The Avengers were truly defeated

After Time Gap (Before Heist)

  • Each Avenger is coping in their own way - Almost every Avenger is broken - More so than others
  • Natasha is so desperate to get my to normalcy - She is now the leader of the remaining Avengers trying to get order in the world
  • Odd note here is you would think the world would be in worse shape than what it is in - but you know plot reasons
  • Pan to Scott’s van, which is now in the storage facility and we get to see the real hero of the movie - Splinter aka the random rat
  • Fortunately, Cassie was not dusted as that would have broken Scott and thus ended the story - but again plot reasons
  • Tony’s Family is probably wanna of the best and most heartfelt moments in the movie - It showed the full growth that Tony’s character has gone through since Iron Man 1
  • Fan service #3453 - Professor hulk - A brand new person that had both the memories of Hulk and Banner but acted more on the civilized Banner side
  • Thor “Big Lebowski” Odinson - Seeing the once mightiest Avenger reduced to self-pity and carelessness really brought home how much weight each of the Avengers put on themselves for not stopping Thanos - Thor more than anyone because he had the chance to stop Thanos and didn’t
  • Ronin/Hawkeye has gone off the deep end - He has become a no hold vigilante 

After Time Gap (The Time Heist)

  • Space, Time, and Mind - Cap, Banner/Hulk, Antman, Ironman

    • Right to the battle of New York and getting to see “America’s @$$”
    • Cap works for HYDRA?!?!?  JK but great call out to the Secret Empire comic
    • Loki stole the Space Stone?!?! - Well there goes that timeline
    • 1970 - Plan B - Tony and dad meet
    • The Sorcerer Supreme is in the movie!
  • Power and Soul - War Machine, Nebula, Black Widow, and Hawkeye
    • Nebula is part of a network?
    • Well dang now past Thanos knows of his future success and also Avengers attempt
    • We knew a sacrifice was going to be made and it was only perfect that Black Widow and Hawkeye went - from a story standpoint Black Widow dying made the most sense
  • Reality Stone - Thor and Rocket
    • They are going to extract it with a needle?!?!
    • Renna Russo AKA Frigga had the most lines in all of MCU
      • This is hopefully causing Thor to eat more salads
    • They used old footage of Natalie Portman
  • Infinity stones back together and Snap everyone is back just like that - kinda forgot it included birds too

The Final

  • Past Thanos comes to the future and immediately bombs the Avengers
  • Thor with Mjolnir and Stormbreaker???!!!???
  • How can 3 take on a world-conquering army??
  • “On your left”
  • Pepper as Rescue!
  • What are they going to do about his ship?? - oh Captain Marvel has it
  • Wonda almost single-handedly took out Thanos
  • Tony’s big sacrifice
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy

Future of MCU -

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