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S3E9 - Unlikely Allies

May 27, 2019

In this episode, we are going to cover the news about Microsoft and Sony recent team up and what this could mean for the future of the Console Wars. We will then discuss what our opinions are on the current status of Epic’s game launcher and the hate it receives. Lastly, we will wrap up this episode talking about some of the recent games we have been playing and what about each has kept us playing them.

Show Notes


  • Microsoft and Sony


    • It was announced in the previous week that Sony and Microsoft are working on AI and cloud technology
    • This move makes no sense due to the continue gaming war the two companies have been in.
    • ...then again it is possible Sony and Microsoft are wising up to what Google is planning to bring to the table.
    • When it comes to AI and cloud platforms Sony does not have either so it had to choose between the big 3 - Largest Amazon, Establish Microsoft, or the Youngin Google. It went with its mortal enemy
    • This move also took the PlayStation team by surprise but according to their leadership this has not changed any plans about their future console
    • We could be looking at the beginning of the end for console gaming.
    • We could be coming to a time when if you do want low latency input for competitive gaming then you buy a PC type device….if not you sign up for one of the game streaming services that will be available.
    • Microsoft console announcement could have some of the “cloud gaming attributes” as part of the architecture. - We shall see at E3
    • Side - note our next podcast will be an E3 pre-show where we will be talking about our expectation and wants to happen at this year's E3 
  • Epic 
    • Let’s set the scene - Stream has had a monopoly on the digital gaming distribution market and launcher since it’s launch in 2003.
    • For a while it was the only one launcher to rule them all - Steam had a monopoly when it came to a game launcher platform
    • Some popped up but those were only for their own launchers - Blizzard, Origin, Bethesda
    • Then Epic came along and decided to put their massive cash flow from Fortnite to use - Making a universal game launcher to compete with steam
    • Right out of the gate - it was a much better alternative for game developers as Epic would only take 12% compared to the current Steam rate of 30%
    • Some companies immediately started deployment of their game on Epic and Steam but at the same time Epic was immediately paying companies money to gain exclusive or limited exclusive rights
    • And this is where the controversy takes place
    • The hate against EPIC has been extreme….
    • Main points of “HATE” that Epic takes
      • “Unfair” Exclusives
      • The store has less function than Steam
      • Rumor of the “Less secure - security” platform
      • People have been used to the convenient monopoly the Stream produced
    • -Discussion-


  • What Have We Been Playing

    • Victus

      • Metro Exodus
      • Rage 2
    • Detached
      • Division 2

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